InMotion2022 offers insights into the technological development of smart textiles and their unexpected applications, especially the use of intelligent textile-based materials in the automotive, aeronautics and personal protective equipment sectors. The Conference was already scheduled to take place in 2020, but had to be postponed several times due to pandemics.

The Smart Textiles Conference is organised by the SmartTex network Thuringia and the Weimar agency richter+partner.

In the SmartTex network, experts from the textile industry, textile-oriented research institutes with representatives from other scientific fields and high-tech companies work together on an interdisciplinary and cross-sector basis to develop smart textiles and textile-based solutions and open up new fields of application.

The coordination office of the SmartTex network organises the transfer of knowledge and technology from basic research into innovative technical products and processes, e.g. through

  • workshops, seminars and symposia at which current research results are discussed and product potential explored
  • Arrangement of contacts for potential partners
  • Initiation of and support for regional and international projects

and through this International Smart-Textiles Conference: InMotion2022

If you have any questions about Inmotion2022 please feel free to contact us:

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Phone.: +49 3643 202098